(written, designed and produced together with Jan Erik Willgohs)

  1. Xiang – mat og kultur fra Hunan   – Mangschou forlag 2003
  2. Kinesiske folkeeventyr   – Feng Xian Lin forlag 2006
  3. Kinesiske folkeeventyr II   – Feng Xian Lin forlag 2010
  4. Floating life   – Feng Xian Lin forlag 2013
  5. Traces – Portraits of chinese minorities – Feng Xian Lin forlag / Hainan Publishing House 2014


“XIANG – mat og kultur fra Hunan”

About this book



About this book



About this book



This high-quality new catalogue was published January 2013. 48 full-colour pages, 20x23cm. The catalogue is made, together with Jan Erik Willgohs, for an exhibition at the Hainan Museum, Haikou, Peoples rep. of China. This exhibition will last two weeks during the month of February 2013. In the catalogue 16 of my works are reproduced. All texts in both in Chinese and English languages.